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SEO (Search Engine Optimization), because it is believed that backlink berkualitaslah can determine the ranking of a site in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). But, you also need to remember that not all useful backlink for your site, there is also a backlink could "hurt" your site. Backlink ugly that usually comes from spam sites, search sites and spam sites automatically other. You can set the strategy for linkbait (fishing for a link).

Link Exchange

How to Auto
There are several sites that offer a service exchange between becklink automatically members. One of the absolute requirement to be able to use this facility is the site you must be based on PHP or ASP. Sites that offer this facility, among Digitalpoint Co-Op and RecieveLinks. You will be given a few lines of script PHP / ASP that displays the links from your partner. You will be given a point each time a user displays a link partner you. The more points you get, the more it will also backlink that you will get.

How to Manual
This may be a bit more troublesome than the automatic method. This is usually used for site-based HTML. But the advantages of this is how we can select and define their own site which can exchange links with our site, so only sites that have the same topics and quality that only fit together to our site. How to contact the site owners that we target. You can find the target site with googling or through community forums such as DigitalPoint, Adsense-ID, iklanbacklink,ukibatam etc..

Create Site Dummy
One page site (One Page Site)
This may be the easiest way to create dummy sites that is used to get a backlink. We make only one article, but the article we have really high quality in order to create a high quality backlink as well. You can create a dummy site such as Google Pages, Squidoo or GeoCities. You can also create a Indobloggers article in which you paste a link from your site.

Small Site (Small Site)
Usually used as a small site is a free hosting network or blog for free such as Blogger, WordPress, Friendster or blog from Myspace, blogher or other free blog services. Small site does not update the site often as long as the topic that we created is still in touch with our main site.

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    tengkiu backlinknya...........

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    love free backlink, love dofollow blog ;)

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    Thanx for backlink.... :)

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    Great info - backlinking can be quite a pain so its important to know how to do it right.

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    Dapatkan juga backlink gratis disini http://pinginsehat.info/free-backlink/

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