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tips get backlink

Kamis, 19 Maret 2009 Leave a Comment

Page Rank in the business given to a google web page, one of the indicators used is how important the web page are for the user or other virtual world users. to know how important a page is, of course there are parameters to be used. one of its parameters is the number of how many pages or web links back to the term or its cool BackLink, of the site or web page.

This is certainly not far from the SEO. because of the presence of Backlink will also affect the results of a search engine search.

Well, in any posts I will discuss this time How can I get a link back or link back from the website or weblog others automatically, humane and does not need to work hard and make a comment nyepam things "ugly" other. how? see tips below.

1. Many are the bloggers.

The more friends we have bloggers, the opportunity to link the back by our friend will be the greater, because the greater the opportunity to do the blogrolling. remember!, also part of the blogroll link back. how to get blogger friend? namely with and follow blogwalking forums. After the list has many friends who are, directly nor forgotten. a small note to make a list of blogs to blogwalking friends we are.

2. In addition to searching for many friend bloggers (terms of quantity), of course we must also see the side of quality. how far the quality of the blog or web link to back to our blog or website. of backlinks in a blog that has been by the age of 5 years will be better than in the reverse link to the blog by the new age of 1 month. But do not underestimate the new blogs that appear. can be any posts writings quality-although few in number. Please comment on the post that you consider good and arouse feelings. honest attempt to describe the content of comments will look more qualified. Because the comment is part of the Back link (with notes, comments on the form in settings as follow, meaning that content is also in the index by search engines)

3. The most effective, safe and the other is easy, go to the event or meeting a fellow blogger coffee land. gathered with. with the meeting because of that, we can be the name (which link back to our blog) will be written by friends who are in the coffee land. If necessary, every moment is special, invite all your friends to come. events such as birthdays you. invite your friends as much as possible, if all that could have so blog.bisa to esokan day they will write a story or a blog related to the anniversary events that you just can adakan.lumayan link back from all my friends much more

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