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power internal link for seo

Kamis, 19 Maret 2009 Leave a Comment

Actually this is no longer read the tips, but for me-Rewind back and also refresh the feather-dah males is a good idea to go back to see the basics of SEO before the current tempo is still good to apply

Internal link in the web can be used to add strength to get good position and that many webmasters ignore the start. For example I have 215 others that web-link to our homepage, the page is the home page we will share the strength of the link to the page you link to the web we. If the page home page has about 35 links, then each link would get 1 / 35 of the strength of the link our web homepage. The small number of links to other pages on the home page, it will be the greater strength of the home page to be divided (kayak cake aja yah-divided for: P)

How do I do to improve the strength of drugs link? This is some advice from a specialist SEO world:

    1. What it needs is a (the very real need to yah?) Aja pake tag rel = "nofollow" to links that it is useful.
    2. I do not like this link -> mylink.html, but try this -> namadomainmu.com / mylink.html I do have a sudden dibajak voice grabbing all your web content, upload them continue to live alone, become still have your web backlink from another web for free: D
    3. Target for a keyword anchor link to. Eg our target keyword 'make money online' that lead here. Try our target keyword is relevant ama anchor to link to. What does research money online I have to study the link is about the same thing, not a blue monkey on the wrong SEO deh.
    4. Try the most important pages can be reached only in 2-3klik what may be just one click. The easy-reach "is the same search engine.
    5. Most easy way to find keywords that are related to the me-link our own internal web. Or istilahny internal link building.

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